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Central Executive Training

Partnership with Sky Therapeutics

Improving the science and technology of mental health care

Dr. Kofler has partnered exclusively with Sky Therapeutics to develop the next generation of digital mental health care and make his patented Central Executive Training platform available for families all over the world!
This exciting partnership will allow us to leverage emerging technologies and create effective digital mental health tools that are developmentally appropriate, engaging, and - most importantly - actually improve brain functioning.

There are a lot of so-called braining training apps out there, but most of them don't work very well. Even ones that were developed at universities often fail to show benefits in rigorous clinical trials. But why?

A lot has changed in our understanding of neuropsychology over the last few years, but most developers, researchers, and clinicians haven't kept up with the changes. So they're developing apps based on yesterday's knowledge, and then wondering why their app isn't helping people the way they thought it would.

In partnership with Sky Therapeutics, we're leading the way in this neuropsychological revolution. Our research is on the cutting edge, and the apps we've developed based on that research are so unique they're patented!*

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