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Because effective treatment starts with accurate diagnosis ™

Central Executive Training

Technical Assistance

For Non-Profit Research Organizations

Let our grant writing and clinical trial experience and expertise work for you!

Second Opinions

Second Opinions

Looking for a second opinion? If your child has been evaluated elsewhere but you still have questions, Incremental Health can help!

For Developers

Digital Therapeutics

Dr. Kofler has partnered with Sky Therapeutics to leverage emerging technologies and create the next generation of digital assessments and interventions!

Powered By Psyence

Powered By Psyence ™

Harnessing the latest in psychological science to improve outcomes for children and families.

National Recognized Expertise

Nationally Recognized Expertise

Led by Dr. Michael Kofler, licensed psychologist, inventor, scientist, and father of three amazing young humans (and a border collie named "Hotwheel").

Secure and Confidential

Secure and Confidential

HIPAA and HITECH compliant communications for security and peace of mind.

What are parents and other scientists saying about us?

Thank you so much for all you did for us and [child] with his evaluation. We were so impressed with everyone at the clinic, and had such a good experience.

Parent MP

I don’t think there is a single way to express how grateful I am …. I don’t think I ever said it out loud but the use of games to help ADHD was genius!

Parent LF


Child ES

A thousand thank yous for the opportunity! I believe your faith and kind words gave me the confidence to achieve for than I thought possible

Parent BH

We feel so much better prepared to help [child], and would definitely like to participate in further programs at your clinic. Please pass our thanks along to everyone there at the clinic!

Parent MB

Thank you for caring so deeply about families - and us! It was an honor to be part of your groundbreaking research

Student EW
Incremental Health

Technical Assistance for Non-Profits

With over $12 million in federal and private funding, 100+ peer-reviewed publications, and expertise in ADHD, executive functions, intervention development, and clinical trials methodology, Dr. Kofler provides technical assistance and consultation to non-profit research organizations.

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Second opinions

Has you child been denied services because a previous evaluation was inconclusive? Did you receive a diagnosis but still have questions or concerns? Is the treatment they recommended not working for your family? Incremental Health can help! Because successful treatment starts with accurate diagnosis.™

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Digital Therapeutics

Dr. Kofler has partnered exclusively with Sky Therapeutics to improve the science and technology of mental health care and make his patented Central Executive Training platform available for families all over the world!

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Psychological science and you

Harness the power of modern psychological science, or Psyence™, to improve outcomes for your family. Incremental Health offers science-based and evidence-based solutions to your behavioral health challenges.

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Nationally recognized expertise

Dr. Michael Kofler is an internationally recognized expert in pediatric ADHD, neurocognitive brain abilities, and child attention, behavior, emotions, and social skills. Dr. Kofler is a licensed psychologist in multiple states, and the Inventor of the patented Central Executive Training platform. Dr. Kofler has over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications on ADHD and related difficulties. These studies have been cited over 6,000 times by other scientists, making Dr. Kofler one of the most influential psychologists of our time.

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Confidential and secure

Enjoy peace of mind that your family's information will be kept secure and not shared with anyone without your explicit, written permission. Limits to confidentiality apply as required by law, of course, including suspected abuse/neglect of a child, elderly, or other vulnerable person.

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